Formerly known as Sew-Fine Upholstery, Oak & Velvet can not only make brand new furniture, but also has the ability to breathe new life into vintage pieces. When it comes to local handcrafted upholstered furniture of the highest comfort and quality, what more can you ask for?


Everyone has fond memories of Grandpa sitting in his favorite chair. You and I both know the chair; it’s old and tired. Grandpa would sit in this chair day in and day out, even with the springs digging into his backside. 


Grandma probably offered to have it fixed multiple times but Grandpa refused. “They just don’t make quality furniture like this anymore!” 


At Oak & Velvet we pride ourselves in making Old World Furniture for the Modern Home.  


So one day when you come across Grandpa’s chair just the way you remember it, old and useless, look no further than Oak & Velvet, where we can bring this piece back to life.


So here’s the story of Grandpa’s Chair. From old and impractical to a beautiful piece of furniture to cherish for years and years to come...


Oak & Velvet - Comfort Redefined