The Art of Pattern Matching

Although many people tend to shy away from choosing lively patterned fabrics, the outcome for those willing to try is undeniably beautiful. To commit to such fabrics, one must find trustworthy and skillful craftsmen, as it takes a lot of time, precision, concentration, skill and passion to properly create or reupholster a piece of furniture with patterned fabric.

Luckily for our clients, the craftsmen at O&V have all the skills which allow them to bring our clients’ visions to life.

Why does it require so much time, effort and skill to create something like this? Because of a little something called pattern matching!

Pattern matching is required when a fabric has a repeated design that must be matched up at corners, curves and edges for visual alignment and flow. As seen in these images, the beautiful pattern used for the chairs is quite intricate, which is no issue for us, but would be a challenge for many. While working on these pieces, our experts were very precise and used their best judgement to line up the fabric quite perfectly...if I do say so myself. The fabric flows naturally from the chair’s frame up the cushions.

If you look closely, you can see how the design on the seat cushion matches and flows into the back cushion. The fabric on both chairs even align with one another as they sit side by side (seen below).

Our professionals are so talented, in fact, that even the back of the chairs scream attention to detail. The fabric on the back of the chairs' frames line up perfectly with the back of the cushions that peek out at the top. Again, you can see the alignment of the fabrics as the two sit side by side.

Pattern matching is quite a challenge as this task requires our craftsman to put a two dimensional fabric on a three dimensional object, which is much more complicated than you would imagine. Luckily for all of you, you don’t have to worry about these complications because you have our craftsmen here at O&V to do it for you just right!

Do you want something as beautiful as these two pieces? Send an email to with your vision and we’ll do the rest! We have lots of fabrics to choose from and some of the most skilled craftsmen around. So whatever you are looking to create or reupholster, we can do it!

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“Pattern Matching: The Art of Upholstery • The Recovery Room.” The Recovery Room, 7 Mar. 2018,

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