Why it's time to stop buying cheap furniture.

At Oak and Velvet, we understand that buying furniture is an investment. New homeowners are investing in furniture that will last. Instead of going to a chain furniture store, it is important to realize the quality of everlasting furniture. Skip the urge to succumb to the flashy deals and instead make a one-time investment. Fifty years from now, you may become tired of the color and pattern. It is much easier to get your sofa reupholstered than buy a brand new one. The average person will buy sofa every 10 years. Why be average when you can come to O&V instead?

There’s a difference between getting a custom headboard and bed frame delivered versus getting one in a box and having to set it up. Every piece of furniture is handmade made at Oak and Velvet to fit the needs of the customer. If we were building a chair for two 21-year-old women, the two chairs of the same style they would be very different. One woman is 5’0” and the other is 5’7”, therefore we would adjust the backs and heights of the chair, so each of them had feet properly touching the ground, while their backs sat in comfortable positions. You cannot get this type of service and customization anywhere else. We will take notes of your dimensions and your space dimensions to create a product specifically for you.

Time to settle down. Starting a family? You now have the opportunity to start a tradition.

Just moved into a new home, just married, or having your first child? For all these big moments in life, traditions begin to stir. These pieces that last forever will bring meaning from our factory to your family. Sit on the same chair as your great grandmother, bring a piece of your family’s rich history into your home. I have learned there is nothing more valuable in life than family values. Start a tradition today because even when you are gone the memories these pieces bring will never fade.

Why choose Oak and Velvet?

  • High quality custom furniture.

  • Lasts a life time.

  • Built for you.

  • Style that never gets old.

  • USA materials used to hand make every item.

  • The BEST investment you will make for your home and family.



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