Oak & Velvet: Who We Are

Oak & Velvet. Comfort redefined. Livable luxury.

It's all one.

Oak & Velvet was established in 2014, it began as the sister company to Sew-Fine Upholstery. Michael Ciborowski, the owner and founder, has been upholstering furniture for over 35 years.

Sew-Fine Upholstery was a local business specializing in antique restoration and furniture reupholstery. The services offered ranged from wall upholstery to window treatments and custom draperies, from automotive and boat upholstery to custom furniture.

The staff at SFU collectively shared experience pooling over 100 years. Those dedicated employees produced projects at a level of the highest quality of workmanship. On top of that, Michael would review and approve each piece of furniture personally to ensure excellence.

As a company, SFU stood out in a comparison to others. The quality of work and the attention to detail was above and beyond the standards of today.

Built from the trust of generations and the long list of satisfied customers, the encapsulated essence that was SFU forged full steam ahead into making Oak & Velvet what it is.

The name Oak & Velvet, a robust wood and a lavish textile, is a representation of the key ingredients in our luxurious home furnishings. Here at Oak & Velvet we proudly bring quality, comfort, and luxury to our handcrafted custom upholstered furniture.

Once we began, we made a commitment to only produce the best furniture, guaranteed to last for generations to come. Based out of cozy New England, our local artisans build these immaculate pieces from the ground up paying ever so close attention to the smallest details. We use exclusive fabrications, including 100% linens and rich velvets, to achieve a superior hand feel while down filled cushions envelope your body to create the ultimate comfort experience. ​

With the help of talented and trusted craftsmen, Oak & Velvet was born to bring you the highest quality, handcrafted furniture to New England.

The company has grown into 160,000 sq feet of showroom and factory space. Currently Oak & Velvet

As a new company with old roots, we specialize in custom upholstered furniture. Our history allows us to

We cordially invite you to experience the luxury that is Oak & Velvet, Comfort Redefined. For more information about Oak & Velvet contact info@oakandvelvet.com

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