The Chair That's Just Right

It all started with a chair. Not just any chair, a chair that resided in a waiting room, in a doctor's office Amy happened to be sitting in one day. "How could this be?" she thought, that the chair she was sitting in fit her stature perfectly. Amy had been struggling all her life to find the chair that was just right. You remember the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right? Goldilocks couldn't quite seem to find the right porridge to eat, or the right chair to sit in. Well, that is how Amy has felt all her life. Being a petite woman, she needed to find the chair that was just right. Once Amy knew the perfect chair was out there she set out to find one of her own. Looking tirelessly for the perfect chair, she couldn't quite find it; until she discovered Oak & Velvet.

So that is where we came in. We pride ourselves on our ability to handcraft true custom pieces. Whether it be an extra long sectional to fit your great room, a love seat with extreme lumbar support, or a chair whose dimensions account for your atypical height, Oak & Velvet is your place. The day Amy entered our doors we couldn't have been more thrilled, because after all, this is what Oak & Velvet is all about.

Amy arrived with her father and son to our showroom and together we helped create for her the perfect chair. First we took Amy's measurements. From there, we determined the seat depth, so the back of the chair met her back perfectly.

Our craftsmen went to work immediately, as we were all anxious to get started on this custom piece of furniture. The first task was to build the frame, insert the springs, and cover the frame.

After covering the frame, the next task was to fill the cushions with our feather mixture...

After completing the construction of the cushions,

we asked Amy to come to the factory to give her chair a test run...

The lumbar needed a tad more support, so we added additional foam...

After some slight adjustments Amy concluded that the chair was just right...

Finally, we were able to cover the chair in Amy's fabric of choice...

A week or two later Amy came to the Oak & Velvet showroom with her father and son for the official reveal...

And we are happy to say that finally, Amy has a chair for her home that fits her just right!

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