Custom Furniture

A piece of Oak & Velvet furniture is a work of extraordinary craftsmanship. Take your ideal sofa to the next level with customized details and specifications that make it yours and yours alone. Visit the Oak & Velvet showroom located in Middletown, CT where a we can show you all kinds of ways to make it your own.

Everyone wants furniture pieces that convey who they are. One can spend months searching for the perfect piece that reflects their style and sensibilities. Why spend all this time searching for this elusive dining or living room piece when Oak & Velvet offers custom design options to fit your lifestyle and taste. Oak & Velvet will fill your home with the custom furniture that you will be sure to love.

Our upholstered furniture options are completely openended. You can choose from our many finishes, leg styles, trim options, and nailhead colors.  The possibilities are limitless when you come to Oak & Velvet, our motto is liveable luxury, comfort redefined.